This page contains a list of my publications and working papers.


  1. chai.png
    Efficient Material Sensing using Hyperspectral Imaging
    S. Prakash, and D. Verma
    Working Paper, 2024
  2. msrg.png
    Development of Machine Learning - based Retrosynthetic Tool for Computer-Aided Synthesis Planning
    S. Prakash, and V. Prasad
    Working Paper, 2024


  1. gb.png
    Efficient Training of Transformers for Molecule Property Prediction on Small-scale Datasets
    S. Prakash, and R. Dagli
    Under Submission, Nov 2023
  2. hsc.png
    Hindu Students’ Council at the University of Toronto
    S. Prakash
    Vedic Culture Center, May 2023


  1. upa.png
    Upanishads - Learnings and Modern Applications
    S. Prakash
    The Statesman, May 2021