Shivesh Prakash

Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto


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I am a passionate and dedicated Undergrad at University of Toronto, specializing in Computer Science, with Focus in AI, Computer Vision, Scientific Computing and a Minor in Statistics. From foundational courses in Computer Science, Calculus, and Physics to advanced studies in AI and Neural Networks, my academic journey has been quite the adventure.

Inspired by Alan Turing’s intriguing thoughts on ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence,’ I embarked on a captivating journey into AI. Courses from DeepLearning.AI and Stanford University have provided me with a comprehensive understanding of AI’s inner workings.

A recent study by Professor Gopnik of UC Berkeley comparing young children’s problem-solving skills with even the most advanced AI models struck a chord. Kids aged 3-5 outperformed OpenAI’s largest GPT 4 model without needing gigabytes of data or millions in funding. It made me realize a significant gap exists between how humans learn and how AI systems are taught. I want to explore this gap and bridge the divide by deciphering how the brain learns and using these techniques to make better AI models.

I am actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with like-minded professionals, contribute to cutting-edge projects, and continuously expand my skill set in the dynamic field of Computer Science and AI. Feel free to reach out to me 🚀.


Jan 8, 2024 Started a research project to enable material sensing via mobile cameras utilizing hyperspectral imaging and machine learning methodologies with Dhruv Verma and Professor Alex Mariakakis of the Computational Health and Interaction (CHAI) Lab.
Dec 1, 2023 Co-led the inaugural paper breakdown series of the UofT Computer Vision Club on Attention is All You Need, alongside Aryaman.
Nov 25, 2023 Presented the Keystone project at the University of Toronto Aerospace Team’s General Meeting.

selected publications

  1. gb.png
    Efficient Training of Transformers for Molecule Property Prediction on Small-scale Datasets
    S. Prakash, and R. Dagli
    Under Submission, Nov 2023